Changes To


Carpark Redemption Scheme (CRS)

Dear Member

Thank you for your continued support and participation in VivoCity's Carpark Redemption Scheme. In order to streamline our operations and simplify the programme to serve you better, we would like to inform you of the following changes that will take effect from
1 June 2015:

  1. Standardized Point Expiry System

    To simplify the current staggered point expiry system, the validity of points issued to our members will now be valid for 3 months from month of issuance, rounded to the last day of the 3rd month. Members may refer to the printed point-balance sheet issued at the point of verification at the Customer Service Counter to track your point validity.

    Please refer to the example below for a clearer understanding of our new system:

    Point Issued Point Expiry
    1 June 2015 30 September 2015
    15 June 2015 30 September 2015
    30 September 2015 31 December 2015
  2. Point Issuance rounded to the nearest 0.5 point

    To address shoppers' feedback regarding the difficulty in calculating the current point conversion system, we have revised point issuance to round to the nearest 0.5 points. The minimum spend remains unchanged at $50 (maximum of 3 combined same-day receipts) and the maximum number of points that can be issued to a member in a single day is 5 points.

    Please refer to the table below for the revised point conversion chart:

    Combined receipt value Points Issued
    • $50.00 - $74.99 1.0 point
    • $75.00 - $99.99 1.5 points
    • $100.00 - $124.99 2.0 points
    • $125.00 - $149.99 2.5 points
    • $150.00 - $174.99 3.0 points
    • $175.00 - $199.99 3.5 points
    • $200.00 - $224.99 4.0 points
    • $225.00 - $249.99 4.5 points
    • $250.00 and above 5.0 points

    *1 point is equivalent to $1 and can be used to offset members' parking charges.

  3. Limit on point usage on weekends and Public Holidays

    Starting 1 June 2015, members will be allowed to utilize a maximum of 3 points when they exit VivoCity's carpark on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays. Any parking charges in excess of $3 will then be deducted from the member's CashCard. This limit is not applicable for members using points to offset your parking charges on weekdays.

Please do not hesitate to email us at should you require clarification on the changes described above, which will take effect on 1 June 2015.

Thank you.