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Discover The New Secrets To Weight-loss

Recently we were invited to a food tasting hosted by Xndo, where they shared with us 4 simple steps to losing 1kg in a week (without forsaking your favourite foods)!

Some background information: Xndo is a specialty food retail shop that provides solutions for healthy weight loss. Their wide range of ready-to-eat meals, drinks, snacks, and supplements allows you to manage your weight effectively,

Being very caring people (we believe that sharing is caring); here are the 4 steps that were imparted to us.


Replace your ordinary meal with Xndo meals at least once every day to reduce your calorie intake by 400-700 calories per day.

Xndo Rice is 67% less calories and 79% less carbohydrates than ordinary rice. It helps to slow down digestion and prolong the sensation of fullness.

We expected the food to be bland (as most healthy foods are), since taste and calorie count work in opposite directions. However, Xndo proved to us that tasty food need not be accompanied by a high calorie count.

Xndo Chicken Rice –

234kcal versus Ordinary Chicken Rice- 607kcal

Let’s start with the Xndo Singapore Chicken Rice. We loved how tender the chicken was and though the rice was slightly lacking in the pandan aroma (commonly associated with traditional chicken rice), it was still a delicious meal that is rich in flavor. With only a third of the calories of ordinary Chicken Rice, we certainly wouldn’t mind having Xndo’s Chicken Rice for lunch any day.

Japanese chicken rice – 249kcal

Xndo’s Japanese Chicken Rice is also one of the ready-to-eat meals. The sauce that is drizzled on the tender chicken is reminiscent of teriyaki sauce, hence giving it its name: Japanese chicken rice. For those who are looking for a low-calorie Japanese fix, look no further! After tasting both types of chicken rice, we would recommend those with sweet teeth to try out the Japanese Chicken rice.


A quick shout out to noodle lovers! Xndo also offers Tom Yum noodles as a meal option. Unlike ordinary instant noodles, Xndo instant noodles have 90% lesser carbohydrates and 87% lesser calories!This is our favorite out of the 3 and we certainly love its distinct sour & spicy taste!

You might think that the sour taste of tom yum will have you craving for more food but this will not be the case as Xndo meals are designed to help you curb your appetite by amplifying the sensation of fullness. So go ahead and consume your favorite meals without having to worry!


There might be days when you would just want to pamper yourself and indulge in some regular meals. Fret not, as Xndo drinks are able to help you block away those extra calories!

We enjoyed the delicate fruity aftertaste, which was really soothing and refreshing. Compared to other sugary drinks, this is definitely a healthier alternative. With this Xndo drink, we can finally stop depriving ourselves of the meals we have been craving for!


Attention Coffee lovers! There is no longer any need to avoid that oh-so-wonderful cuppa! Xndo coffee is here to help you boost your metabolism rate,block sugar absorption, and even reduce stored body fat.

Xndo Orange Coffee is one of their new coffee blends that have been infused with a fruity scent.

Apart from coffee, Xndo also offers a range of milk tea selections for those who are looking for alternate caffeine sources.


Do you have the habit of having some water before bed?

Instead of having water or sweet drinks, why not

have a glass of Xndo Enzyme Plum Drink to end your day? It helps to promote a

healthy digestive system by cleansing and purifying your colon. What better way

to end the night, than feeling cleansed and refreshed before you hit the sack!

Not sure about how to begin your Xndo diet? Head down to the Xndo store in VivoCity and their friendly staff will be able to give you the best healthy diet plan/advice, just as they did for us!

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