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Planning for your very first trip with your little ones? Travelling with young children can literally be a handful, and if you’re not prepared, you could very well find yourself knee-high in dirty clothes with wailing children in tow.

To prevent the coming of child-pocalypse on your next holiday, here are some easy tips to keeping your mini-me(s) happy while travelling.

  • Load up on vitamins and pack for common ailments
    When it comes to children, what takes place before the holiday is definitely just as, if not more important than the trip itself. Nobody enjoys travelling when they’re unwell so remember to load up on vitamins and ensure your child has their daily intake of fruits and vegetables!On top of vitamins, remember to pack medication for common ailments such as the flu or sore throats so that you don’t have to worry about visiting a doctor while you’re abroad (or the possibly exorbitant medical bills)!If you have a picky eater to deal with, look to vitamin gummies as a supplement to their diet and to keep the nasty viruses and bacteria at bay.

    Try: Milestones Kids Gummy Multivitamin from GNC, #B2-18.

  • Plan for multiple breaks
    The sights and sounds of a foreign land may be alluring but remember that your child can’t walk the same number of miles as you do! Plan short breaks in your daily itinerary so that the young ones can catch their breath and recharge, or you may have to deal with Mr/Miss Grumpy-pants for the bulk of your holiday.

  • Work around routines
    You’ve spent great many hours establishing a daily routine for your child so don’t let it go to waste when you’re out on holiday. Use nap and bed times as a guide while planning so that your children will be able to keep their routine and you, your sanity; it’s a win-win situation.A bed or a pram may not always be readily available so for parents with infants, consider investing in a sturdy baby carrier for ease of movement when it’s nap time.

    Try: Infantino Flip Front 2 Back Carrier from Toys “R” Us, #02-183.

  • Opt for public transport to keep them occupied
    It may feel counter-intuitive to travel via public transport when you’re with young children but train and bus rides will help pique interests in their surroundings and keep them busy during transit, which will hopefully translate to less tantrums and more peaceful moments for the adults.For children who are a little older, consider handing them a disposable camera or an old but hardy one and be pleasantly surprised by what they can capture from their perspective!

  • Prepare to entertain them
    Flights, especially long ones, can be grueling for young children. From the changes in the air pressure during take-off and landing to the lack of in-flight entertainment if you’re taking a budget flight out, there is a high chance that your little ones will feel uncomfortable and bored during a flight.To keep them entertained, bring along a tablet pre-loaded with their favourite cartoons and movies or pack some colouring materials for them to doodle if you’re not keen on having them handle expensive electronics!

    Try: Stephen Joseph Play and Colour Puzzle from The Little Shop, #02-96.

At the end of the day, any time spent with your children is an opportunity to create fond and precious memories, and even more so when you’re on holiday. So with all things packed and checked, remember to take a deep breath, expect the unexpected and enjoy the ride!

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