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Halloween is just around the corner, which means it’s the perfect time to dress your children up in all kinds of adorable costumes (if you aren’t already dressing them up on a regular basis)!

While Halloween is a day of fun and indulgence for the young ones, renting costumes and risking dirt and grime (plus your deposit) can be too much to deal with for a day. So for daddies and mummies who are looking to use what already resides in your child’s closet, we’ve put together some simple Halloween costume ideas that only require a bit of creativity and basic props to work.

  • Charlie Chaplin

    Image credit: Good Housekeeping

    If your son had been a flower boy at a wedding or if you’ve gotten him a suit when it was on sale, this is the best time to bring the suit out of hibernation, dust it off and turn it into a Halloween costume!

    All you’ll need is a bowler hat, bow tie and a cute little moustache that you can make out of black felt and your child is good to go. Or if you’re looking to up the ante on your costume, complete it with a cane and black lace-up shoes for the full Charlie Chaplin treatment.

    Tip: Buy a roll of felt from Daiso (#03-06) and use it for both the moustache and to sew a bow tie!

  • Pumpkin

    Image credit: Marks & Spencer

    Pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns are a staple part of Halloween and dressing up as one is thankfully much easier and less time-consuming than carving a pumpkin.

    To start, dress your child up in an oversized orange shirt with black paper cut-outs glued onto the shirt to form the head and features of the jack-o-lantern. If you wish to have a more realistic pumpkin look, hem the bottom of the shirt with a thin strip of rubber to narrow the opening; this will allow the shirt to appear rounder towards the bottom, similar to an actual pumpkin.

    Top the costume off with a crown made from rolled up green construction paper for the leaves and attach it to an orange hat or hairband. Pair the overall outfit with black leggings and your child will be ready to make his/her appearance as the star of Halloween.

    Tip: If sewing up your own pumpkin costume feels like too much of an effort, you can purchase a Dress Up Pumpkin All In One from Mothercare (#02-79) to skip a few steps.

  • Diver

    Image credit: Delineate Your Dwelling

    This costume is for the parents who enjoy crafts because while the costume may look simple (basic black top and pants), the props require a little more effort than the rest.

    For props, you’d need 2 1.5-litre bottles, spray paint, tape, string or rope and hair curlers. Paint the bottles in the colour of your choice then adhere thin strips of tape to create the bands of the tanks. Glue or tape both bottles together and attach the string or rope to the top and bottom of the bottles that will serve as the straps for the tanks.

    Image credit: Delineate Your Dwelling

    To create the utility belt, simply attach hair curlers to a piece of tape before placing it onto the black T-shirt. Add on a diver’s mask and the costume is complete! For more details on how to create this costume, check out the instructions from Delineate Your Dwelling here.

Now that your child’s costume is ready, it’s time to flaunt it for Halloween!

VivoCity is holding a Halloween Party and Costume Contest on 28 October at the Play Court (Level 2) for all VivoCity Kids Club members. The contest is open to members aged 3 to 6 years and participants will stand a chance to showcase their creative costumes, as well as win some fabulous prizes!

Party-goers can also expect an afternoon of non-stop fun at our game booths and special appearances by Count Drac-O-La, the Scary Monsters and also the “Red Devil” Bubble Girl as she conjures her magical giant bubbles for everyone!

For more information on VivoCity Kids Club, the Halloween Party and Costume Contest, click here.

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