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Bespectacled: referring to someone who wears spectacles. Synonyms: nerd, uncool, bookworm.

Less than a decade ago, the definition above held true for many of us as we struggled to put on our contact lenses each morning or even stepped out with blurred vision when we failed the challenge posed by those pesky little plastic circles. These days, the tides have turned as glasses evolved into trendier companions, and we start seeing celebrities and models sport the bespectacled, effortlessly-chic look on their off days.

To find out more about how looking good can come without sacrificing perfect vision, we dropped by Paris Miki here at VivoCity and spoke with their store manager, Robin, to find out what the latest eyewear trends are, and to get some tips on what we should look out for when it comes to eye health.

Hi Robin, thanks for having us here. Let’s jump straight into things – what’s currently trending in the eyewear scene these days?Robin: Since last year, many brands and stylists have been big on the “nerd” look, with round framed glasses making a comeback, in various colours and styles. The most popular would be the tortoise shell frames. And when it comes to sunglasses, Dior’s So Real in Blue has been a crowd favourite.

Is there a reason why Dior’s So Real shades have been so popular?R: It’s mainly because of celebrities who have been spotted donning it. Many times our customers come in with photos of celebrities, requesting to find the same model of eyewear being featured. In fact, a fair number of our customers prefer statement pieces for eyewear than the everyday model because it helps them to express their sense of style.

Ah yes, the power of celebrity endorsements. Speaking of customers requesting for eyewear worn by celebrities, we feel the need to ask – does the age old rule of matching the shape of frames to our face shapes still apply?R: Aesthetics-wise, we would still recommend for customers to wear frames that are suitable for their face shape but nowadays, many customers are not so concerned about it. They tend to simply go for what they like or think will look good in a photo – eyewear these days are serve more as a fashion statement.

Apart from picking out suitable frames for various face shapes or occasions, if you could have one thing you wish to tell all your customers, what would it be?R: Wow, this is a tough one. I guess if I had one thing, I’d like to remind people to come for their check-ups regularly. I’ve seen customers who come in once every 3 – 4 years, despite discomfort while wearing their glasses or contact lens! It’s ultimately their eyesight that takes the toll.

That really is a good reminder – quite a few of us are guilty of skipping our eye checks as well. So exactly how regularly should eye checks be and are there things that we should watch out for?R: Eye checks for young adults and adults should come once every 2 years, while those above 50 should get checked once a year. The same goes for young children as their eyesight can change very quickly throughout their growing years. It is not a widely known-fact but for contact lens wearers, it’s required for them to have an eye health check every 3 – 6 months when they repurchase their contact lenses, to ensure that the prescription is still accurate.

Thanks for the timely advice, Robin. Now before we head off to pick out some new glasses for ourselves, tell us – what’s the most interesting or unique situation that you’ve had in the store?R: I have a few customers who are huge fans of eyewear so we will see them in the store every 3 -4 months, where they will pick out new frames or sunglasses that they like and have the lenses made for their prescription. Some of them even come to us to purchase display cases and shelving for their eyewear! My guess is that they probably have more than a hundred pairs of eyewear at home by now!

Paris Miki is located at VivoCity #01-147/148.

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